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What Makes World’s Best Beers?

The World’s best beers, as named by some of the world’s most distinguished beer critics, is a group of beers that all share certain qualities, and most of which are rare. The World’s Best Beer ranks the top ten beers from around the world according to price, quality, variety and taste.

And with over three thousand breweries in existence to go with more than three thousand different beers, the only certainty was that millions of beer drinkers were going to drink and plenty of beer goggles would likely be worn! And yet, the beer geeks, experts and beer connoisseurs are divided. Some consider it one of the most important aspects of a beer to be served and consumed while others feel that it’s not all that necessary.

Many beer lovers insist that ‘beer goggles’ really need not be worn at all, but they are very helpful in judging the true taste and quality of any beer. It is said that if a beer tastes good then it is no good. Beer geeks and beer drinkers all across the world agree on this fact, and they can be easily proven by testing different beers against others. And this process also proves whether or not the beer you are drinking is truly good or not. You needn’t have a formal degree in this matter to learn how to test the beer you are drinking – in fact, you could even take a beer brewing course and be doing it in no time.

Of course, it goes without saying that a well-made beer is going to be better tasting than one made from inferior ingredients. A world-class beer will have a distinct taste and aroma, and also a smooth finish.

Different beers have different flavours, so you will need to know what you want to taste. If you are interested in something that has strong hints of citrus or fruit like a lemon drop, then go for a beer that does. The same is true for sweet and fruity flavours: if you want something that has more of an alcohol like taste, then go for something that tastes like a raspberry or a pineapple. If you are looking for something with a bitter taste, then go for something with an underlying maltiness or a woody taste such as cinnamon.

So now you know that the World’s beers are not all created equal. Each of them has something distinctive about it that makes it different and therefore very enjoyable. To get the very best out of each beer, you need to have some knowledge about the particular beer you want to drink and about the kind of taste you are looking for. It is advisable to sample more than one beer to determine what you actually prefer. After you have tasted a number of different ones, you can start to get an idea of what is good, and what is not.

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