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Italian Wine Guide For The Best Wines

The best wines of the year are those that your guests will remember and appreciate. Wine is like bags, shoes and cheese: you’ll need another one for each event. However, knowing which wines you like best when isn’t a strenuous yet delicious task. It’s simply a matter of knowing your personal tastes and then matching them with appropriate food and wines. So how do you know what wine to drink on a specific date?

best wines

The best wines of the year are those from award-winning vineyards, because these wineries know their wines. The selection process begins in the French wine country, where the vineyards are cultivated for years, not months. During the cultivation process, the winery works on improving the quality of the grapes and improving the taste of the wine. The result is an unmatched taste: Each vintage has been painstakingly tested and re-tasted, until each has been selected for its best qualities. When the selection is complete, the wine will be sent to the winery for fermentation, which lasts from five weeks to nearly a month.

This long fermentation process produces the best wines of the year, as the wine matures. During the fermentation process, yeast and other microorganisms are released to help the wine mature. In order to improve the taste and flavor of the wine, the winemaker will add different elements and blend the various flavors, aromas and other qualities of the different vines to make one fantastic wine. When the wine has completely finished fermentation, the winemaker will then send the wine back to the vineyard, so that it can be aged and shipped to the public.

Today, there are many Italian wine producers. Some of the most famous Italian grape varieties used to produce world-class wines include Chianti Classico, Durum wheat, Lambrusco, Syrah and other popular grape varieties like Vino Nobile di Montepulciano and Sauvignon Blanc. Of these famous Italian vineyards, the most famous is Chianti Classico in Bergamo, Italy. Here you can find the best wines from the famous Chianti classico vineyards like Fino Della Pignolo, Rosso di Montepulciano, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano and other locations like Vincenzo Vittoria and Santa Margherita on the island.

After the fermentation process is complete, the wine is subjected to distinct phases of treatment and aging. To get the best wines, the wines need to undergo three stages of aging, each one presenting a unique aroma and flavors. The first stage, called ‘Seguioli’, lasts from about seven days to a month and is characterized by sharp, citrusy aromas and an intense bouquet. This stage opens the senses of the tongue and stimulates the secretion of saliva to dilute the bouquet and sediments. The last stage, known as ‘Risotto’, lasts between eight and twelve weeks and is characterized by warm flavors and intense fruit aromas. Once the wines have gone through these distinctive stages, they are ready to be categorized according to their individual characteristics, which we will see in the following chapter.

Among all the varieties, the best Italian red wines and white wines are considered to be the best when it comes to flavor and aroma. Red wines, of course, have intense flavors, often spicy and reminiscent of garlic and bread. Some include pepper and brandy in their names, while others are simple reds with tannins. Some white wines have pleasant fruity aromas like strawberries and vanilla, while other have strong herbal and citric flavors. The more astringent or dry wines, however, have stronger flavors that include black peppercorns and earthy spices.

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