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A Guide to Some of the Best Student Centers in San Francisco (BA Retail)

gourmet dining

A Guide to Some of the Best Student Centers in San Francisco (BA Retail)

With hundreds of different genres of food, from fast food to fine dining selections, Gourmet Dining offers a diverse menu full of culinary intrigue. Gourmet Dining offers dining services at these locations on campus:

The Cougar’s Den: Located in the heart of historic Downtown Berkeley, The Cougar’s Den is a staple college hangout for all ages and is known for its food, beer, and pool games. Offering a variety of entrees such as Pollo Asado and Lasagna, guests are treated to a relaxing atmosphere as they listen to live music and watch the friendly locals. Allergic food allergy sufferers can also bring their food in for an alternative.

The Roxy Kitchen: Famous for their sensational seafood dishes, The Roxy Kitchen at UC Berkeley offers an amazing selection of entrees that includes crab cakes, tuna wraps, lobster tails, crab cakes, and shrimp kebabs. All of this is served on special paper trays that are covered in a white paper shell. The paper trays come off every two hours, giving you an amazing view of the sea. All of the food is prepared by the most famous chef of the Bay Area, Michael Tucker, who is responsible for the creation of such amazing desserts as the chocolate coconut cake, the banana split cup cake, and the blueberry crumble cake.

The student center: While the menu may be centered around espresso shots and lattes, the beverages themselves are nothing short of excellent. The coffee offerings include cappuccino, mocha, and chocolate flavored drinks. Tea lovers will enjoy the teas available such as the hot chocolate, French cocoa, and the banana cream tea. The only downside is that theaffeinated teas contain more caffeine than regular hot chocolate.

Pizzas: There are several incredible selections of pizzas from various local restaurants. From the pepperoni to the Hawaiian Pizza, it’s possible to satisfy cravings for sweets and pizza all in one place. Many of these Pizzas are housed in wood-burning ovens, which add to the aroma and smoke that permeate the room. Other offerings include the Vegetarian Pizza and the California Pizza Kitchen. Whatever you crave, Pizzas by The Mercury are sure to satisfy your palate.

Wine: Another important aspect of gourmet dining is wine, which is offered by the student center and by several other restaurants. If you have never tried the delicious wines from the Napa Valley region, you are in for a real treat. The offerings include Chardonnay, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Pinot Grigio, and other delicious wines.

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