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Top Five Popular Universities in Massachusetts

Gourmet Dining Services provides dining services on campus that are available to students, faculty and staff. Dining in the cafeteria or in-campus restaurants are the most popular means of getting food. Many students eat their meals at their dorms or in nearby apartments. Some people do not eat out often and rely on the campus cafeteria to provide good food for them throughout the day. Others prefer restaurants that serve food from a casual American style menu. Whatever the preferences, there is a restaurant that will satisfy your needs.

Students may choose from five or six restaurants that offer gourmet dining. The New York Style Market is a gourmet dining establishment that offers many different kinds of food from various regions around the world. Each course will be presented with a specific theme that highlights the taste of the food. This type of restaurant also serves alcoholic beverages and specialty drinks.

The La Habana Grill is a four-star gourmet restaurant that offers a full menu of meals that is suitable for all kinds of events. Meals can be found to meet any kind of occasion. The La Habana Grill has an extensive breakfast menu and even offers a sit down dinner service. There is no reason to leave your family, office or party to find a place to eat.

The Pizzeria opposite the Classpad is a wonderful place to spend your lunch or dinner with your friends. There are many selections of pizza dishes that are offered here. Students will find a large variety of pasta dishes that can be ordered from the menu as well. The Pizzeria also has a large range of salad options that are available to the students who have lunch or dinner at this location. Many times Pizzeria offers its famous loaded baked potatoes as an appetizer. Pizzeria also offers many desserts from their specialty pies to their basic cakes.

The Brasserie atrium in Cambridge is a wonderful place to have a romantic evening and enjoy a meal prior to retiring for the night. The Brasserie has a full menu that is suitable for any type of gathering. The dining room is decorated in a romantic manner and students will feel extremely at home during their dinner date with this restaurant.

Le Cellars is located in Cambridge. It is a small but cozy French style pub that is ideal for enjoying a romantic evening after a long day at school. The Le Cellars Pub offers a wonderful selection of wine that can be selected from on their website. They also offer some very good beer selections. Le Cellars prides itself on the quality of the food and wine that they offer. Students will definitely have a great time with this gourmet dining establishment.

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